Finding a Cure

Alright, here is my attempt at a second blog post! I hope it lives up to all of your great expectations…just don’t hold your breath. I do want to preface the following post with a word about the photos in this post. Unfortunately my camera and computer are not loving me right now and they seem to want to do their own thing whenever I try to use them. That being said, the quality of the photos is not something I am proud of, but the content is what’s important in this post so I am telling myself to just deal with it. Alright, now that I have cleared that up I can continue on in peace.

Last Sunday some friends and I participated in Race for the Cure. This wasn’t our first race, in fact our first was way back in 2005. The reason why this was so significant is because one of my longtime friends, Michelle, had learned just a short time before that her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Michelle and her mom are both wonderful people and I can say that I would do anything to help them. When Michelle mentioned Race for the Cure us girls jumped at the chance. Now, in 2009, I am extremely happy to say Michelle’s mom is a breast cancer survivor!! Going to the race is always so humbling because you realize how many people are affected by breast cancer. My prayers go out to all of the people that have had to go through the pain, the turmoil, and sometimes even the loss.

(left to right: Brianne, me, Maggie, Michelle, Kristen)

This year at the Portland race they estimated over 40,000 participants. All I know is there were a whole lot of people!

I will leave you with one very fun fact. At our first race in 2005 I actually met the girl who would start dating my younger brother a year later and then marry him three years later. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER-IN-LAW!! What? It’s not that weird to celebrate a 4 year anniversary with your brother’s wife. Totally normal. Really. I promise.

Just for fun…here is a picture of her and my little brother!


3 thoughts on “Finding a Cure

  1. Hi Mallory! So glad you have a blog with a super cute header 🙂 I can already tell that I will thoroughly enjoy your posts! 🙂 It was great seeing you for a few moments two weeks ago…I will really miss our Bible studies at Ashleys place. Hope you are doing well!

  2. That is really cool about your brother and sister-in-law! I didn't know about the breast cancer walk in Portland. I will have to keep an ear out for that one next year. I have just done the one in Salem! I am so glad to hear about your friend's mom! That is fantastic news!! 🙂 You sure have the hang of this blog thing! 🙂 Great job!! 🙂

  3. Sarah- Thank you!! I am still trying to learn how to figure out the technical side of blogging…I actually used yours as my example! (Thanks by the way). We all miss you lots, but I am so glad things have been so great for you up there!Natalie- The one in Portland happens every September, and it truly is HUGE! They are starting one in Eugene next year as well. Thanks for all your kind words!

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