Where oh where has my lil brain gone?!

In all of my excitement to get the last post up, I forgot to include two pictures of my beautiful girls at the Race. I actually took them while walking backwards…I know, I am just that talented. Here they are!

(left to right: Kristen, Michelle, Maggie ANTM, Brianne)
For those who are unaware of what ANTM stands for, just Google it. Images of Tyra should be swarming.

Wow, aren’t my friends just gorgeous?! I think so!

Guess what?! Tomorrow Josh and I are going out to buy each other presents! We are actually getting each other the same thing…his is just a bit…upgraded from mine. This is something we have been saving our pennies for and cannot wait to hold it in my hands all day long. Those are just a few hints…pictures to come later.


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