Its a Bird…Its a Plane…its an iPhone?!

As promised, I have returned to share our exciting presents to each other! Let me just tell you, I never knew I could love “fruit” so much…let me explain. No, in fact, let me know just show you what fruit I am talking about.

Yes my friends, that is an in an Apple iPhone

See, my love for all things Apple started 5 years ago when I received my very first iPod. While iPods had been around for awhile, I actually got one of the first VIDEO iPods. That thing has seen so much love over the years. Josh and I take it everywhere. It has taken a trip to Paris, Norway, and even to Aruba for our honeymoon. The poor thing is ready for retirement. Speaking of retirement, my old Samsung phone that I got before J and I were even married (meaning well over 2 years ago) was so beyond retirement. That thing held on quite well for that amount of time, but in the days of having no landlines, it was quite necessary for me to have a reliable phone at my disposal. So between my serious need for a reliable phone, and Josh’s need for a phone that could handle his real estate career, it was time to make a trip to the Apple store in Bridgeport.

Yes, we realize there are other Apple stores…but this one happens to be my favorite. Why, you ask? Simple. Whenever we go I always end up getting to take side trips into my favorite stores…ZGallerie, Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, Container Store, and of course Lexie Dog (for those ever important Bella gifts). That list could go on forever, that place is by far the best place on Earth.

Some purchases that inspired some future posts
Josh telling me to “wait a minute” while he talks on his iPhone (totally staged in case you couldn’t tell)

After our absolutely fabulous purchases we made a side trip to Woodburn Outlets. We went with the intention of getting some work clothes (which we did…somewhat), but unfortunately after lunch I got sick and we had to rush home. That didn’t stop us from having some fun with pumpkins. I actually purchased three tiny pumpkins for a craft project that I just completed (pictures to come later).

Ginormous punkin’

Ok, well the hubby and I are itching to get back to our beloved iPhones. We actually already had a discussion about needing to schedule “us” time so we don’t spend all our time with our new phones. What is this world coming to?! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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