May I have Cheese Please?!

One thing that is very important to us is honesty. We always strive to be transparent so that people can always see who we truly are. Our goal on this blog is to be honest and open to anyone who reads it. So, please feel free to hold us to it. No really…you can scold me if I start to disobey my own policy. With all this in mind…I do give fair warning that I am going to be a little honest about what is going on in my life at the moment. Be scared..and close your eyes if you don’t like “potty” talk…actually just scroll down a lot because I have safe photos below!

After that dramatic intro I feel like I should have something life-altering to say. I do not. What I do have to talk about is my stomach. Since I can remember I have had what we call stomach issues. My digestive system just did not like food, stress, movement…really anything. It was something I experienced a lot, but never to the extent that I have recently. For the past 4 months I have been sick every single day no matter what I ate. This prompted many pregnancy rumors, but I can dispel those rumors quickly…I am not, and not the right kind of sickness folks. There. It’s out in the open. My daily meal consisted of saltines and water. Of course that means losing a lot more weight than I should have in that little amount of time. Well, after the 3rd month I had realized it was time to look to doctors for advice. Due to that decision, next Tuesday I am scheduled for a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy…and no I will not define those, look them up people. Something I didn’t think I would say until much later in life. The procedure is simple and almost painless (besides drinking yucky stuff to make yourself sick and not eating for two days). My doctor also has asked me to go completely dairy free for 2 weeks (cheese is like my favorite thing besides bread). Once my procedure is over I will then be taken off of wheat if the doctor feels that it is necessary.

Going dairy free made me frustrated for the first few days. I felt like there were no resources out there despite the fact that many people are allergic to dairy. Needless to say I was completely clueless and “accidentally” ate some dairy. Let me tell you, that was a BAD idea. If your doctor says to go completely off of dairy and you don’t think he is all that serious…you are very mistaken. Well after a long shopping trip I now truly am completely dairy free and surprisingly happy.

My hope for this blog is that I can share the things that I learn from having to cut dairy from my diet (I actually do plan to stay off of it even after the two weeks). So, no more cutting the cheese for me…pun intentional. As promised, here are a few photos dedicated to all the cheesey goodness that I once loved…

(Country Living)

Foods full of dairy…this is our goodbye. You kept me company during those lonely nights, helped me cope when I was sad, filled my time with friends with lots of fun. Oh you cheesey goodness, I loved you while you were mine, but it is time for me to make new relationships. I have moved on you see…soy milk, tofu, they are my friends now. I will never forget you…

2 thoughts on “May I have Cheese Please?!

  1. Hey Mallory, I know what you are going through. I have had both of those procedures done this past June and let me tell you yeah it is a pain, but on the other hand I was able to get answers. I also had my gallbladder when we were in college in 2005 and that has helped. I realize we have the same symptoms and I have given up a lot of stuff that you have had to give up. Continue to persevere through all of this and getting answers should be one of a couple goals. Another goal is to get healthy again that way when God blesses you with a family that you are able to be healthy. I feel your pain trust me and thank you for being honest. Just know it is all for the better.Kathleen

  2. I didn't realize you had gone through similar things! I am glad that they have helped you…because I wouldn't wish these problems on anyone. Thanks for the encouragement! I really am feeling great on this dairy free diet…my body hasn't felt this good in sooo long. Although Im still not looking forward to eliminating wheat. Thanks again for your encouragement!!

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