Punkin’ Pickin’

Candy canes…pine trees…family…singing to baby Jesus…Christmas is by far both of our favorite holiday. We can’t wait to finish eating Thanksgiving dinner so that we can run out to a Christmas tree farm and pick the perfect tree. Well, even though Christmas is still a couple of months away, we do have two other holidays in the works. See, even though we LOVE Christmas we still absolutely love the other holidays. I have been crafting and decorating like crazy (which is actually really hard considering our apartment is still unpacked). Last weekend we headed to Bauman Farms in Gervais for some serious pumpkin picking fun. Of course I brought along my lovely camera to document the day!

The first stop was a walk through the Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off. The following picture was what greeted us as we walked through the door…

The 1st place winner weighed in at a mere 1462.5 pounds!!
I took a lot of photos of the sights…and A LOT of photos of pumpkins. There is something completely irresistible about the orange fleshy goodness. Now, orange is a traditional pumpkin color, but I have to be honest. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a beautiful white pumpkin. In fact I may have brought a couple home with me…just saying.
Someone didn’t like that spider much and ate its face.


I left him behind after that last picture…
There is a bee on that flower. I. hate. bees. I was ready to run in case that evil bee should choose to make me his next meal.

Oh Indian corn how I love thee.

Pumpkin graveyard anyone?

I actually strongly dislike W of Oz…I know, so un-American

This was Josh’s attempt at being a photographer…I think some more practice is needed…oh but look at his shiny teeth! Three years of braces did him a whole lot of good. Girls, he’s MINE!
We had so much fun and wish we could spend every weekend at a pumpkin patch. If you want something fun to do go to Bauman Farms, it is fabulous! Let me tell you…you can go on a zip line, shoot apples at wood cutouts, stuff your face with apple cider donuts and kettle corn, play with animals, get lost in a hay or a corn maze…the list honestly goes on forever. Don’t worry, we did pick some pumpkins and I will show them to you later. You thought I forgot didn’t you?

6 thoughts on “Punkin’ Pickin’

  1. Hooray for Thanksgiving! Once that hits then I can start listening to Christmas music!! πŸ™‚ I think he did a great job with the pic of you two! Its super cute! πŸ™‚

  2. Don't worry Natalie, I think he did a great job too! There is just some weird hazy sunshine mess going right across our face..maybe it was an artistic expression? Oh and dont hate us, but we already started on the Christmas music…whoops!

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