Bella’s Got A Boyfriend

This is a big day in the Crain household…well especially for Bella! See, Bella entered to be a contestant on the Bachelor, doggie style (keep it clean folks!). Our favorite blog, Young House Love created a brand new blog for their handsome Chihuahua, Burger. Well, Bella is IN LOVE with Burger so she jumped at the chance to enter in a contest to become his one and only. Okay, maybe it was more like Josh and I were jumping up and down at the idea, but either way she was excited. Keep an eye on Hamburger’s House to find out if Bella makes it to the semi-finals. We are crossing our fingers BIG TIME! How cute would little chiweenies be? For those of you who feel the need to remind me that yesterday I mentioned that my dog is unable to produce a la 101 Dachshunds…well, don’t. I can dream can’t I?

Here are some photos that we sent for the contest, plus a few more just because we love Bella that much…


Thanks for your support! Also, for an update…I have been home from the hospital for 3 hours now. This all to say that I survived!! My stomach and my throat are hurting, but you know…it’s all in a days work. I promise to give an update on the whole procedure (well I will leave out the graphic photos) soon. I am giving my body a little bit of a rest before I recount the details. Thank you everyone for being there for me through all of this. I appreciate the love and prayers!!


3 thoughts on “Bella’s Got A Boyfriend

  1. Hey Bella baby, Thanks for the sweet shout out. I'm so glad you entered my little dating game and I especially appreciate the card you made in our honor. The glitter was a nice touch. You really went all out and I want you to know that it didn't go unnoticed. Licks, Burger

  2. Your puppy is sooo cute!! 🙂 Please keep us posted on the doggie bachelor! 🙂 How fun!!I am glad that you are able to eat now and that it went as well as it did yesterday! 🙂

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