Our Very Own Bachelorette

Bella did it! She is a finalist for the Bachelor! We were all so excited…in fact Bella was sleeping when I told her, but I think my jumping up and down is what really got her attention. We can’t wait for the next round. We are getting Bella prepped for whatever they throw her way. She definitely cannot wait to hear Burger ask, “Will you accept this bone?” Go check it out for yourself, and while you are at it see what her competition is. There are some good ones out there, but we still think Burger knows Bella was meant for him.

Sidenote. Sorry for the lack of posts these days. I actually was taken to the ER on Saturday morning and since then have pretty much been asleep. I wake up to hydrate myself and then fall right back into dreamland. I’m off to the doctor this morning to see if we can beat this thing so I can be back to my usual self. I will post again once I have a little more energy.


3 thoughts on “Our Very Own Bachelorette

  1. I have so enjoyed reading aboout the bachlorette…:) it's hilarious! Makes me kinda wish I hadn't gotten rid of our lil Brownie dog! I checked out the website for Burger and hands down I think Bella is the cutests! 🙂 Too fun! CAn't wait to see who wins! go Bella baby!

  2. Thank you for your support!! 🙂 We think shes the best too, but we are just a tad biased. Anna- I didn't know you got rid of Brownie! I saw the post about when you got him and kept telling Josh I wanted one because he was so cute! I am guessing it was a necessary decision, but he sure was a cutie!

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