Well, it is a tad late to be posting this little craft I did quite awhile ago, but the Emergency Room called and I had to answer. Okay, a tad lame…but it was all I had. I am not quite as funny now that I am not on tons of meds. Even though this craft comes a mere 3 days before Halloween, don’t think of it as ONLY a Halloween craft. Really, this garland can be used for ANY event. You can make it for a birthday party, Christmas, Easter, baby shower…I mean really this is a very muti-purpose craft.

All it took was:
-black scrapbook paper
-orange scrapbook paper
-letters printed out from Word
-hole punch
-Fiskars scissors for the wavy border (optional)
-hot glue
Seriously, the only thing I bought was the black ribbon (technically I bought the hole punch, but only because I lost my other one!). Most of you probably have ribbon lying around your house, or at least I do, but I decided I wanted LARGE ribbon and mine was too small. See, if you choose to be less picky than I am than you can do this for free. Yes, I said it, F-R-E-E. To further inspire you all here are some great photos of garlands that others have done…
Today I found the GREATEST GREAT idea EVER on a blog. Unfortunately for you I am not going to tell you what it is. It is actually a Halloween idea that we want to implement next year, but we are still trying to figure out a way to do it for fun this year to a very unsuspecting neighbor. This is why I am not telling you. Maybe another day, but not today.

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