Our Little Bachelorette

Bella did it! She is one of the 17 finalists (down from 24) in the dog version of the Bachelor. We are all getting more and more anxious about this whole thing. The competition is fierce (a la Tyra Banks) and there is a lot of love for a certain MinPin. Thankfully we feel confident that our Bella is a star and that her and Burger are destined for great things. We are continually crossing our fingers (and paws) as the competition gets more and more intense.

Please keep crossing your paws for our little squirrel!


Now for some serious eye candy…

Seriously? I LOVE this room. The black, white, and then the pops of yellow…ADORE. I think that I wouldn’t mind coming home to this everyday.

Some more black and white yumminess…and look at that beautiful natural greenery.

I. Want. That. Ceiling. The End.

I have been in love with the beauty of these chairs. I have seen them popping up everywhere and I want some for my house. Maybe a birthday present? Honey are you listening?!
Ok I need to stop dreaming and remember that currently we are living in 800 sq. feet of yellowish white walls until owning a home becomes a reality. Until that day comes I am just designing the house in my head.

All images courtesy of Canadian House & Home

One thought on “Our Little Bachelorette

  1. Hooray for Bella!! How exciting!! Good luck to her!!Oh, and I love the black and white pics…I adore the chandeliers!! I have been on the prowl for one in my price range (so far no luck, but I am holding out hope!)…its fun to dream about homes and how we want them decorated…keep dreaming the dream!! 🙂

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