Bachelor Numero Tres

We are here with another Bachelor update!! This week the question of the week had to do with tricks. Not like playing tricks on someone, but dog tricks. Bella is full of weird quirks that we like to call tricks so it was hard to narrow it down to just a couple. We decided to highlight the fact that she falls over the second she is near someone in an attempt to receive lots of tummy rubs and also the fact that she absolutely loves to dance to Jock Jams. We actually did record a video of it once, but unfortunately for you I was dancing in it as well so I completely nixed the idea of putting it up here for the sake of my own well being. Okay, okay I know all you really care about is if she has made it another round and we can now admit that….

SHE MADE IT!! She is in the top 10 and we are so over the moon excited about it. Many people question what we actually receive if she were to win the Bachelor. Here is the thing, she wins the love of the cutest and most skilled Chihuhua known to man. Really, is there anything better? The answer is that there is not. Keep on checking back because next week we will find out if she is going to continue on another week. As always, keep your paws crossed for our little girl!

Our favorite sunbather 


I do want to apologize for the lack of posts from this household. Our lives took over a bit and I just haven’t had the time to sit down and get creative. As I have posted before I was trying to recover for a couple of procedures which ended up taking quite a large toll on my body. The weekend after my procedures I ended p with kidney stones. Yes, dehydrating yourself beyond all reason is NEVER a good idea and can result in the most pain you have ever had. I actually had quite a few doctors say, if you survive this you will survive childbirth. Needless to say I decided I would rather have a million dogs than ever go through that pain again. Sorry to all of you who were waiting for Josh and I to FINALLY create a brood of our own…I think I have changed my mind. HOWEVER, I was amazed at the effect drugs have on pain. I may be able to reconsider childbirth as long as they can promise me an epidural in the beginning.

I scream just like that baby at the word childbirth

Another reason why I have been absent is due to my 25th birthday! I love saying 25…and in fact I have been known to say I was 25 to a few people over the course of the last year just because I couldn’t wait. So many of my friends have mentioned feeling old, but I am feeling just great. Anyway, much to my surprise my husband, who admittedly isn’t the most romantic (in actions, not in words…he’s very romantic with words) surprised me with a weekend away in Portland. He had reserved the same hotel that we had stayed at for our first anniversary. Yes, my husband is a true romantic now! I don’t have pictures ready, but as soon a I do I will post them here for all of you to enjoy. Okay, maybe I am flaunting a bit, but I am so gosh darn proud of my husband right now that I just cannot control myself.

Oh by the way, I turned 25 the same day that Sesame Street celebrated their 40th anniversary. Call me giddier than a schoolgirl, that was quite the event! Happy anniversary to my favorite fictional friends!


2 thoughts on “Bachelor Numero Tres

  1. mal, The end result makes childbirth so worth it. Instead of little stone-like things you get a beautiful baby who lights up your life. SOOOOO worth it, trust me. Plus how fun would it be to take out our two strollers and go on walks together.

  2. Dont worry Ashley, I know collecting babies is MUCH better than collecting little stones. 🙂 We REALLY want a baby so that our little one can play with Grace, but we have to keep reminding ourselves its in God's timing. Good news is the blue house thats down the block from you never sold so even if we buy a house we could be next door neighbors still and walk our babies!

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