Living Room Mood Board

Since owning a home is still another year away for us I spend a lot of time on Polyvore designing my pretend house. I get such a strong desire to start puting together a room, so I figure this is a way to get my thoughts out into a mood board so I can make changes as I go. Each mood board I create is definitely a rough draft as my ideas change over time. Seeing as a year is a long time to wait to be able to get pictures of our nonexistent home I decided to go ahead and share my favorite nonexistent room that I have designed. It may be a rough draft, but I am still excited to be able to get my hands on my real house and design my real living room.

The wall color is a dark shade of gray with accents of pale blue, white, and black. I went ahead and posted the prices of the items in the room for those who were curious, although they are not the exact items that we would use in our room. We would reuse items that we already have and combine them with some new ones as well.

The great thing about the mood board is that Josh and I have realized that we have one item we most certainly want to part with when we move, our coffee table. We have nothing against our little black coffee table, it has provided us with a place to eat, put our feet up, and store TONS of stuff in its four drawers. However, in our quest to slowly introduce beautiful items that are kid friendly we found that we definitely wanted an ottoman in place of our well used coffee table. Thankfully we don’t feel like we are wasting money by replacing the coffee table because we got it for super cheap at Fred Meyer before we were married.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into our “living room.” We hope that someday soon we can turn our mood boards into reality, but for now we are staying content with what we have. Besides, we find its a great way to work out any kinks in our design before we actually implement it.


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