Bachelor Update: Number Four

I am a day late in posting this, but our nights have been filling up fast. We recently started attending a new church and we are realizing how important it is to be in a place where fellowship is valued. That being said, I have excuses as to why I have been slacking in the blogging department, but I will not use anymore of them. On to the most important part…did Bella make it another week?

She sure did! This girl is lighting Burger’s fire which makes us oh so very proud. The competition is now down to the final 5 and it sure is a nail biter. While we know that Bella is a perfect pup who is oh so made for Burger, others dont know that so we have to work hard to prove that each week. You can see her response to this weeks question by visiting Hamburger’s House. As always, we will share a picture of our beautiful girl in all her finest…hmmm does that work for dogs since they technically don’t wear clothes?

As always, keep your paws crossed for this sexy beast!!
Oh House Beautiful, how did I ever live without you? I have honestly fallen head over heels in love with House Beautiful magazine (sorry babe, you just can’t compare). I received their latest issue today and honestly I think it might be my favorite yet. It was eye candy on steroids. One thing I really loved about the December issue was the fact that they interviewed a lot of designers asking them what they expected the newest trends to be. Now, I am certainly not ahead of the trends most of the time. I would say I take a moment to warm up to the newest trends to see if they have staying power, and then once I deem them worthy I jump in with both feet.  The reason why I loved this part of the issue so much was because multiple designers predicted that gray was the new beige. If you looked at the mood board I posted of our living room you will see that gray is a color that I LOVE. If you saw mood boards for the rest of the rooms you would really understand that I have a sickness. I am okay with it. Here are a few photos I quickly fell in love with on House Beautiful’s site.

Anyone else see a white theme here? Oh how I love the cleanliness of it all…
Have a great weekend!

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