These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

When the dog bites…when the bee stings…when I’m feeling sad…I simply remember my favorite things…

Oh sorry, I’m done. No more singing. Promise. Maybe.

Josh and I decided to forgo Christmas presents this year since we both bought iPhones recently and have taken a trip and made a few other large purchases over the past month. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few fabulous things out there that make my mouth water. Yes, I do have a rag by my side at all times while browsing all of my favorite sites. Don’t worry, you will get past that visual as soon as you start looking at all the great things on my wish list.

I. Want. This. Desk. I have had my eye on this lacquered parsons desk for quite some time. I love the simple lines.

These books are not only classics that I could read over and over, but they also have the greatest colors which could make for some quick and easy decor. Use them to prop up a vase, a candle, or really anything. It will give it dimension and look great while doing it.
This candle makes me feel warm and snuggly. This is WAY better than a snuggie in my book.
With all of the rain we get in Oregon, this umbrella stand would be great for holding all of the wet umbrellas that we have and look cute while doing it.
I think this would look great in an office, or any room with contemporary styling. 

Loving this pillow. I adore Dwell Studio. They always have wonderfully put together items that are such attention grabbers.

Just thinking of all the projects I could accomplish using this one gun. Its a staple, brad, and nail gun all in one. Seriously I do think I need this and I think you need this too.
So that was a bit of a peek into what I would want if Josh and I were doing presents this year. There are so many great gifts out there and I hope the Christmas shopping hasn’t been too overwhelming. Our pastor did a sermon on spending less for Christmas which I think is a great reminder that it really is not about the gifts. I know we hear this every year, and yet every year we try to get the biggest and most expensive gifts for our loved ones. I know I suffer from this. His challenge was to focus on Christ this Christmas and give gifts that have meaning that don’t have to cost a lot. It has been quite a challenge for me since I really do love to give gifts, but its been a great way to refocus my thinking. It really isn’t about the gifts. You truly cannot take Christ out of Christmas, it just cannot be done.

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