Party Like a Rockstar

One of the greatest things about Christmas is a fun Christmas party. We have been honored to attend not one, not two, but three so far! Actually, I think that is less than last year, but it was just the right amount to get us in the spirit with friends and coworkers, but it also kept the stress levels  to a minimum. Since we are still in our temporary living space with no festive decor, I started to dream a bit about what my perfect party would look like. Let’s just say it’s a total fantasy and some aspects of it might be beyond my abilities…

First I would want my guests to feel welcome so I would add a beautiful (handmade!) wreath to our front door as well as maybe a wreath on an interior door and even one hanging on the kitchen window.

Yes, I think that just might do.
After that I would need a stunning table setting that would get their mouths wetter than Oregon on a winter’s day.
Is it bizarre that I don’t want to admire the centerpiece, I want to eat it instead? There is just something irresistible about it.
Once I have my guests ooh’ing and ahh’ing over the decor I would then have to shock them into a state of oblivion. How do I do that you ask? Easy. Just throw in this gorgeous pink tree and you are sure to have them stunned.
I really do think next year I will have one of these. I have been saving every picture I find of these gorgeous trees.
At this point of the night my guests would probably be lying on the floor overwhelmed beyond reason. You are worried I don’t have a plan to revive them aren’t you? Well fear not my friends, I have just the right dose of medicine to get their blood pumping through their veins.

Yep, do a little Martha Stewart fudge in some adorable gift boxes and your guests will be giddier than children on Christmas day. Well in my case I am still giddy on Christmas day, but I guess that’s one of those things I shouldn’t admit on a place where the whole world can read.
Well, you now know my true fantasy when it comes to my perfect Christmas party. We still have one more to attend this week and I cannot wait. For your viewing pleasure, here are a couple of photos from our two Christmas parties that we had for work.
Governor’s Christmas party @ Mahonia Hall (Mallory’s work party)

HomeStar Broker’s Christmas party (Josh’s work party)
(well technically taken at our place AFTER the festivities)
Well I hope this got you in the party spirit for the weekend. This is the last weekend before Christmas so be sure to get all of your shopping and wrapping done so you can enjoy the last few days before it’s over.  I know I just stressed out half of you, but while I am at it I will attempt to stress you out more. Does it upset you to know that I had all of my presents bought and wrapped two weeks ago?
I wonder how many evil eyes I just received.
Just remember the old saying, “Jesus is the reason for the season!” This is all you need to make your worries disappear.

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