Good Things Come…

…to those who wait.

Before we revealed the surprise to all our lovely readers we wanted to tell our parents first. We like Bella to be involved in all surprises for my parents because no matter what our surprise is they have to be excited because they love their “granddaughter” so much. We thought it was only fitting to reveal our surprise to you the same way. So, here is the book that Bella “brought” to my parents.

“Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
This year I have been extra good so Santa says he will bring me something really nice. I wanted to show you all of the things I asked Santa to bring me. I thought you might want to see what was on my list…”
“First I asked Santa for a ball. I like to chase balls a lot, but I especially like to chew on them. Sadly, when I chew on them, mommy and daddy have to throw them away…they say the pieces will make me sick.”
“Then I asked Santa for a bone. Not just any old bone, a big, long, meaty one. I don’t think mommy and daddy will let me have one so I asked Santa to leave it at your house.”  
 “Next I asked Santa for a puppy. I would really like a brother or a sister and mommy and daddy don’t seem to be listening to me. As much as I like to be the baby of the family, I would like another pup around the house so I can chase it and show it whose boss.”
“After that I asked for a kitty. Grandma always calls me kitty so I figured she wanted one. Actually, I did not ask for a kitty…I don’t even like kitties. Kitties are like nails on a chalkboard, please don’t get me one.” (sidenote: Bella doesn’t hate kitties, she just hasn’t spent much time around them).
“The last thing I asked for was king of big. It was so big that I didn’t think Santa would be able to get me one for a long time. I asked Santa for a yard. Not one that I have to visit, but one that I could go to anytime I wanted. One that I could play in for hours. Thankfully Santa didn’t think that gift was too big at all. In fact, he didn’t even wait for Christmas to give it to me. Turn the page and you will see what I mean…”
“My New Home!!”
Yes, it is true. The Crain’s are homeowners! I know that we have had to stretch the truth a bit to you, but it was all innocent I promise. With our experience in real estate we knew how many things could go wrong in the process so we weren’t ready to announce it to the world yet. In fact, nothing is final until we move in which we have not done yet. We are set to move in mid January so we will keep you posted. We have many plans for this little gem and you can expect to hear all about it…like it or not. We do plan to share our experience in the home buying process…especially since ours is a bit different than most. Also, we have LOTS of renovation plans for this little bungalow of a nest and we will share our thoughts on that later on as well.
Thank you all for sticking with us while we kept the secret from you longer than we had anticipated. Please feel free to ask questions and we will do our best to answer them. We will be back soon with all the dirty details.

5 thoughts on “Good Things Come…

  1. Cute house! Congrats on the new home! I even read the whole thing and didn't scroll to the bottom of the post to see what it was first! So fun! I almost thought it was a baby…but guess not! Maybe that will be next? 🙂

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