The Christmas Flood of ’09

The Culprit

 The Aftermath
Christmas morning consisted of quite the cold shower. A plastic piece that connected our pipe to the cold water faucet cracked exploded beyond belief and water shot out in all directions. In normal circumstances we would have turned the water shut off valve to stop the water. However, while being sprayed with Arctic water we were unable to locate the metal valves that we were used to seeing. In fact, we found out later (once our apartment manager showed up to save the day) that our valve was a small round plastic knob that was supposed to be pulled.
We learned a valuable lesson from this experience. Always know where your shut off valves are for each faucet that you have in your house, each toilet, and if you are living in a home know where the shut off valve for the entire house’s water supply is as well. These are invaluable things to know. We were thankful to be renters at that time to have managers to run to, but as we move into homeownership we realize how important it is to know how to take care of things such as these.
After the floors were drenched to capacity (including the neighbors who reside below us) we had to move in with the parental units. Thankfully my parents have a big, half empty home now that all of us kids have moved out so it was a fairly easy transition. This being said I am a little behind on Christmas posts, my apologies. While we sort things out at the apartment, and pack to move (hopefully in ONE week!) we will be in and out of blogland. We do hope you all had happy holidays and that yours were much more uneventful compared to ours.

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