Designer Radar

Josh and I made an exciting discovery while packing away all of our belongings for our HUGE move all the way down the road (yes we are moving 1 mile away and yes I act like it’s to Antarctica). For any of you that enjoy design as much as we do, please realize this is very exhilarating.

This lady puts the wind in my sails. I LOVE her like peanut butter loves jelly. It’s that serious. For those of you not in the know, Sarah Richardson has top shows on HGTV Canada. Well, while I was slaving away sitting on my bum drooling over the usual HGTV shows, up pops Sarah’s House. As in the best show. As in, I would move to Canada just because I truly believe her talent would rub off on me. Hey, a girl can dream. Alright, I am back from my tangent now. All this to say if you enjoy design or DIY or renovation or smart and pretty ladies, then keep your eyes out for Sarah’s House. It. Won’t. Disappoint. Need proof? Check out her web site full of delicious eye candy. Now if only we can figure out when the next episode is, we don’t want to miss a minute!
House Update:
We have not moved in yet and we are not keeping anything from you. We are set to move in this week, but are ready for whatever ends up happening. Thank you all for your support and kind wishes! Those who know us know that owning a home has been a dream for us and something we have been working very hard for so we are excited to embark on this new journey. We did visit the house today and it was hard not to start up on the projects right then and there. Our anticipation is growing and we can’t wait to share each step with you all. And in one particular Bachelorette’s words, “fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

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