Welcome to My Addiction

Embarrassing as it may be, we honestly have not stepped foot into Target for what feels like a lifetime. In actual reality? Maybe a couple of weeks. We are Tarjay addicts. The truth is after all the Christmas spending was over we realized in order to afford groceries we should probably keep ourselves away from that intoxicating place. I will say that if I ever became homeless I would make my home in Target. I’d be like Natalie Portman only not living in “The WalMart”, and hopefully not giving birth in the store either. That just got me thinking, if I had to give birth in Target I would choose the home section because I would hope that the setting would help prepare my baby for a life of interior design. Wow, this idea is not sounding so bad after all.

Alright, that tangent is over. No I am not writing this post to give you my life story. Really, I thought you all might be interested in the fun things I found while searching Target online. What? Shopping online is TOTALLY different than shopping in the store.

Without further adieu I introduce you to a few of my favorite things…

This storage cube of sorts is so rich and so worldly. I can imagine it in a living room, a bedroom, a playroom, even a bathroom! And the storage? Oh, the storage! Anything that can hide away the junk that clutters homes is something that makes my little heart go pitter patter. This is a must buy.
There are so many great graphic prints out there right now, but I am loving this particular pillow! It has a sense of luxury and visual appeal that makes my mouth water. I think of this as the daddy pillow, but Target even offers a mama pillow as well that is just as great.
I pretty much need this lamp. Unfortunately it just wouldn’t work in my bedroom like I want it to. Someone please give this beautiful lamp a great home. All it needs is a nice lamp shade, like this one here. I also think this pairs quite beautifully with the Dupioni pillow I featured above.
Last, but never least…DwellStudio bedding. My love for all things DwellStudio is one I cannot hide. This bedding is absolutely gorgeous. I could never justify getting rid of our current bedding, but if I needed to then this beautiful set would certainly be coming home with me.
Well, there you have it. A few of my favorite finds at my favorite place. Tarjay is always a great way to buy beautiful things for your home for only a small investment. Adding just one thing that you love in your house can quickly transform a room and your mood. Even if you do not have a ton of money to spend, you can start small and eventually you will have added enough items in your room to truly make it yours. Just make sure that the things you buy for your home are truly something that you love. Have fun shopping!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to My Addiction

  1. That is too funny! I was looking at that same lamp last week at Target while shopping for my sewing machine. :)Its super cute! I love shopping there! They always have great looking items that I would love to have for our home. 🙂

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