Honey, I’m Home!

We are still here! It has been just about a month since the last time I posted and for that I apologize. Our lives have been so chaotic that I have not had even one single second to sit down and blog about it. Here is a quick summary of what was keeping us so busy…

For seven weeks our apartment looked like this…

…and we were living here…
…and then after a two month process we moved out of both places to here!
 After many days and nights of pure stress leading up to the closing, we finally get to call this little bungalow our own. We definitely had to work hard to make it ours. There were tears, anger, frustration, but in the end we just found ourselves loving this house even more. We started the process in mid-November with a closing date of January 7. Well, due to our evil lender (well, we think they are evil after everything we were put through) we didn’t have our closing until February 4. You know what? I would never admit it to the lender, but everything worked out in its own special timing. Yes it made for a very stressful move since we were paying to house our boxes in our apartment for an extra few weeks, but in the end it really didn’t matter. We are here, and we are happy. 
I also have to say living with my parents ended up working out okay for both Josh and I. I am sure there were times we were all ready to be apart, but it was nice to be able to spend some quality time with them. Plus, I cannot lie…having mom cook meals almost daily was quite amazing. Don’t worry, we compensated in our own ways! All in all the whole experience ended up being a great blessing. My parents provided us with a nice place to stay and we were able to keep them company as they got used to life without my sister around (who is now living on a missionary base in South Africa!). By the way, their house is up for sale so if you have a few extra thousand to spend I would recommend a look (shameless plug). 
I promise I will be back with some details on the new house which will of course include some pictures. Stay tuned!

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