Baby on Board!

Wait, what’s that? Yes, you guessed right…it’s a POSITIVE pregnancy test. While I like to blame the lack of posts on the new house (which is still true), definitely everything has taken a backseat now that we have baby on the brain. However, we aren’t spilling the details yet. Mostly because we are torturing our fabulous small group friends by making them wait until Tuesday (when we meet) for every juicy detail. I know for a fact that at least one of them checks this blog so you will all have to suffer along with them. Although, feel free to ask any questions because we will certainly do our best to answer them on future posts…so ask away!
For a hint…
This picture was taken all the way back on January 19th.
Also, for those of you who have been very frustrated that I have not posted house pictures…I promise they are coming!! I am sorry that the baby took precedence over this, but I will certainly get all the before pictures up quickly. 

6 thoughts on “Baby on Board!

  1. OMG I am so very excited for you. I just saw your mom recently and was asking her if you and Josh had started your family and at this time either she didn't know or family wasn't sharing but either way….I am so very excited for you. I know you will be an amazing mommy!

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