House Tour: Before

 Thank you all for your sweet comments about the baby! We are so thankful for each and every one of you!


Welcome to the much anticipated post, the pictures of the INSIDE of our new home. These will all be before pictures as we bought this house with the intent of renovating. Renovations won’t be happening all at once, we are choosing to save up for each project and do one at a time. This may not be the way that everyone likes to work, but we feel this is the best for our family. Plus, after just over a month of living here we have already changed our minds about a few of the renovations so we are thankful to be taking our time so we can really get to know this house. Without further ado, please meet our house…

Living Room

Dining Nook
Baby’s Room 
Master Bedroom
There is also a basement and a backyard to be seen, but that’s for later. Hope you enjoyed the small house tour. As we update the house we will share the “after” photos. Thanks for joining us!

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