Bungalow Full of Updates

I have been absent from the blog. I am sorry for that. I never could have imagined how little time I had for the computer once we moved into this house. We have been renovating and updating every moment of every day. Our goal before the baby gets here is to “finish” the living room. When I say finish I don’t actually mean having every single little detail done, because honestly this room is going to evolve over time. However, I wanted it to feel comfortable and livable. I figure Josh and I will be spending lots of time snuggling Baby Crain (and Bella too!) in our living room so we wanted it to feel like home. It has been amazing to us how quickly this house really has become our home. We fall more in love with it each and every day. We will both admit that every once in awhile we are overwhelmed thinking of all the projects we want to get done, but it dissipates quickly because honestly we would be bored if we didn’t have a million and one projects on our to do list. Will all that said, here are some sneak peeks at our in progress living room.

Yes I realize the pictures are dark and blurry. I did have a reason for that, and the reason is that we are not ready to reveal the full living room just yet. That would be why its called “in progress” folks. New photos will be coming soon!


Baby Crain Update:

Our little mermaid is moving and grooving in my belly. Feeling the kicks is such a weird and amazing feeling. It makes me realize there REALLY is a real live baby growing in there, I’m not just getting fat. Seriously this belly is growing at amazing rates. The really exciting news is we are THIS CLOSE to knowing if the merbaby is a maid or a man. I do have a theory about what we are having. See, I have come to the conclusion that you have the opposite of whatever gender your pet is (if you have one that is). I am sure someone can prove me wrong on this one, but I only have so many examples to go by and each and every one proves my theory. So, according to this theory of mine Bella is going to have a brother. We will know very soon whether or not my theory is proven correct.

Thanks all for hanging around for my update. I would certainly provide more details, but I just don’t have any right now.


One thought on “Bungalow Full of Updates

  1. thanks for the updates! I can't wait to see how your livingroom has turned out! I am sure its fantastic! I can't wait to find out the gender of your little one. My sister in law just found out on Tuesday! :)I am glad that you guys are doing well! I miss seeing you on Sundays btw. 🙂

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