Eden’s Room: Chapter 1

Welcome to the first chapter of Eden’s Room. We want to share every dirty detail of the nursery progress so we thought we would start with the first purchase for her room that arrived YESTERDAY! Without further adieu, the rocker.

Blogworld meet Eames look-a-like, Eames look-a-like meet the Blogworld. This here is where we will rock our little girl to sleep, read her books, or just plain sit and enjoy. We ordered this chair four days ago on Overstock.com after falling IN LOVE with the Eames rocker. Unfortunately, our wallets did not like the prices for the original Eames, so we went for second best (which truthfully doesn’t feel like second best at all). This rocker only set us back $166.99 which compared to the real thing or really any of the other rocking chairs and gliders that we looked at, well it was a steal. Our criteria for a rocker was: smaller in size, white, easy to clean, and modern. With this rocker we were able to meet each and every criteria. The size of the rocker is PERFECT in our very modest nursery which measures a mere 8’x9′. Still bigger than some, but when you have one wall that’s taken up by a closet it really leaves little room to maneuver.

All in all we are very happy with our purchase and it just proves that you don’t have to spend a lot to get what you want. We are aiming to get great quality at the best prices possible so you can keep us accountable to that. I do want to add that if you have this same goal in mind, give Overstock.com a try. I am continually amazed at the products that they sell. I am not even being paid to say that, it just so happens that we love their products and service so much that we like to promote them.

Next up in Eden’s room will be ripping up the carpet to expose the beautiful dark hardwoods underneath and finalizing our fabric choice so we can settle on a wall color. Hopefully the next chapter will be coming soon!


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