So Fresh and So Clean

A few months ago we realized we were really dirty. Okay well not really, but we did realize that we were having a baby and if there is one thing that we have been told over and over, its how much our laundry will increase. Between knowing that we would have a lot more laundry to do, as well as our goal to live a more eco-friendly and cost efficient life we decided that a new washer and dryer were beyond necessary. We actually had a great used set that our wonderful friends had given to us which were still working, but were of course top loaders which as we know do not conserve water in the least. Here is the thing, we actually bought our washer and dryer on a trip to Home Depot with the sole intent of buying a lawn mower….this is what happens to us when we go unattended into a home improvement store of any kind.

This here is the manufacturer’s picture of the LG Washer (and matching dryer) that was delivered and set up right before our very eyes (thank you Home Depot!).

We chose to use the stacking feature to save room in our basement. We had space for them to sit side by side, however in our future plans we do intend to finish the basement and we would need them to be stacked at that point anyway. The other nice thing about the washer and dryer is that without the pedestal option I can easily reach the top buttons on the dryer (and that’s saying something for this 5’0 girl!).

Well, now that we have owned these beauties for a few months we felt it time to give our thoughts on them. First of all we could not beat the price. We happened upon the washer and dryer on sale for less than $900. To us that was quite the deal! Second, these babies can clean! It is amazing how little detergent we use and yet how fresh our laundry smells. This also impresses us since we use detergent that is free of all dyes and perfumes. Third, they are quiet. Yes, we can still hear them, but the sound is not nearly as deafening as a traditional washer and dryer. This makes us quite happy since little Eden’s room is right above the washer and dryer. Fourth, the washer and dryer both have the cutest jingles to indicate that they are done. No more extremely loud buzzer that wakes the whole neighborhood. The jingle does get stuck in your head so beware!

Things that drive us crazy about the washer and dryer…well there really is nothing. We love them! I will say that they seem to take about 55 minutes per load which can feel like forever when you are trying to get a lot done, but we look at it as a way to ensure that the clothes are super clean. This washer also has the same maintenance as most front loaders, which if you aren’t used to them may seem like a hassle. We look at them not so much as hassles, but as a way to ensure that we have many wonderful years with our beloved washer and dryer. The main thing is to always dry the inside lip of the washer, drain the line located at the bottom of the washer every couple of weeks, and when necessary you can even run the tub wash cycle to ensure an extra clean and mildew free washer.

All in all we can’t stress our love for these babies enough. We cannot wait to try the washer and dryer on the cloth diapers that we are planning to use. Yep, we are going to try them out on our little girls tush. That will be the true test of how well the washer and dryer hold up.

*Side note: We are expressing our love for this washer and dryer solely because we love them. LG and Home Depot do not know we are writing this so unless they want to compensate us, we are doing this review out of our own desires.


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