It’s a Lack Hack

Awhile back I was inspired to try a new project. I wish I could say I was creative enough to always think of projects on my own, but unfortunately I use the creativity of others. I am very thankful for all of those creative people out there. You have actually seen pictures of this project in previous posts, but I wanted to detail how simple and budget friendly this was.

Meet our new side table…

A similar looking Parsons side table at West Elm is available for $199. Here is a photo of what that one looks like.

There are certainly differences in the two tables, but they both share the same idea. Parsons. Parsons=yummy. Parsons has clean lines and I love clean lines. Now, there may be differences, but there is one difference that made me so happy that my hair curled (I have straight hair…well unless I use curling mousse, but that’s a story for another time).

So as I said the West Elm version was $199, but my version was a mere $15.98+a few supplies from around the house. That’s a difference of $183.02!!! So what did it take to make this masterpiece?

2 Ikea Lack Tables @ $7.99 each (you need two)
Liquid Nails
Screws and drill (optional)

Honestly you can do this project all by yourself, no help needed. This was a project that giant pregnant ladies like because it took very little effort at all.

1. Put together one Lack table fully (it’s Ikea, you always have to put something together).
2. Turn it upside down (legs in the air), place a small amount of liquid nails spread evenly over the legs
3. Take the top of the other table (white side is the one that you want to place onto the legs) and center with the legs. Press down carefully, but firmly. If any of the liquid nails squeezes out, be sure to clean up with a paper towel.

Now the next step is not necessary and you can skip it. Josh and I chose to screw the two pieces together to ensure that the table would be very sturdy. The liquid nails will work just fine, but we wanted this to outlast our little baby. To screw the two pieces together, flip the table back over and screw into the already made holes (you may want to pre-drill into the holes).

Ta-Da! You are done and now have a cheap version of a beautiful side table.

Again, I am so thankful for all those creative type. In fact, I must give credit where credit is due. Here is the blog where I originally saw this fabulous idea.

We LOVE our budget friendly side table and it was well worth the $15.98 we spent to have it. I am also thinking that there are MANY other things you can do with these simple tables. Maybe we will attempt another project in the near future…


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