24 Weeks

Okay the title is a bit of a lie as I am actually 25 weeks today, but I am just now getting to my 24 week post. You all are just going to have to get over it, I am busy.

Here is that 24 week photo you all are waiting for, the one where I look like I swallowed a basketball…good thing I like basketball!

So, let’s see…what changes do we have these days. I had my first case of swollen feet. Wow, I see why they recommend wearing flip flops during pregnancy. I honestly couldn’t get my feet into my shoes. My feet looked like Fred Flintstones! I can now see her moving around in my belly which is semi alien like, but kind of fun at the same time. Oh, and she moves even more than she did before…and I used to think that was a lot. I’m still completely on target for weight gain which makes me quite happy. I am measuring small, but I have been the whole time so no concern there. I have been dealing with some pretty sharp pains on my right side so I have had to have a few tests and had an upper abdominal ultrasound a few days ago. Haven’t heard anything yet so we are assuming no news is good news. We have another ultrasound coming up which will be fun because her features will be much more prominent, but the true reason why we have it scheduled is to find out if we will be scheduling a C-section or not. We have discovered that Eden LOVES music. She moves and kicks like crazy during worship at church and wouldn’t take a rest during a dance performance I attended last weekend.

All in all our baby girl is doing so well. Some days I cannot wait to hold her in my arms, and some days I just feel fear. I know that God is giving us this little girl because he knows we can handle it, but it sure seems scary sometimes! Thankfully Josh and Bella both seem at ease with the idea of having a little baby around at all times so they keep me feeling confident. It also helped to cause me a little more anxiety when we took the tour of the hospital where she will be born. It’s a beautiful building, but it is so hard to comprehend that we will be there in just a few short months. Wow.

Well, we should have quite a bit more information for all of you baby followers out there after our 28 week appointment. It is going to be a pretty big appointment for us so I will be sure to keep you all informed!


2 thoughts on “24 Weeks

  1. You look wonderful Mallory!Feeling the baby move is so strange but so fun you are right ;)Why might you need to schedule a C-Section? Blessings, hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly (and quickly)

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