Eden’s Room: Chapter 4

We are back with another update on the nursery! This time we were tackling the crib, which I would say was the most important aspect of the entire room considering we would like our daughter to have a bed and not sleep on the floor. Our crib was actually a gift from my dear sweet mom and dad. We LOVE it! Picking the crib was no simple task, which I am sure any parent can attest to. We knew we wanted a modern crib, mostly white, non drop side, solid wood, and non-toxic paint. We also knew we wanted something under $300. Well, we got lucky and found one at none other than WalMart (or Wally Word according to my family). The price? $299.88, a whole 12 cents below our budget! We couldn’t believe our luck finding something that met every single one of our criteria at such a low price. Thank you WalMart for your ever popular rollbacks! Before you see the end result, I figured I would throw in a couple pictures of the crib installation…

Putting together the crib was so easy! We were so pleased with the ease of instructions and the final result. Now all we need is a crib mattress and some bedding and our girl is set. 
Oh and you may have noticed the hole in the wall in the second picture. Well, let’s just say that 80 year old houses sometimes like to house mold. We were not happy campers when we found that, but don’t you fret, that mold has been shown the door. Mold is not a welcome guest at the Crain household. 
An addition to Chapter 3 where I promised some information on paint. For the nursery we decided to branch off from our usual No-Voc Olympic paint to try Sherwin Williams No-Voc Harmony paint. The reason? We honestly had not been all that impressed with the Olympic paint after using it twice in our house. Sorry Olympic, maybe next time. I have to say that we were quite pleased with the Sherwin Williams paint! It was still a tad thin, but we always do two coats no matter what so it didn’t bother us too much. The wall color is Quench Blue and the ceiling and closet color is Timid Blue. Both turned out very well and we are just pleased as punch knowing that our daughter will be breathing clean air and not fumes. Oh and I almost forgot the best part! We happened to see that Sherwin Williams was having a 25% off sale on all paints (this is actually what prompted us to use their paint in the first place) so we didn’t even have to pay full price. SCORE!
So, that is our latest update on Eden’s room. However, I have a secret. Since then we have finished a dresser/changing table redo and installed a new lighting fixture. More to come on that one later!

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