28 Weeks

Well, here is the 28 week pregnancy update and it is only 2 weeks late! Our computer pretty much bit the dust, but we finally have it in a little bit more of a stable state…at least enough for me to blog again. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with posting now that I have my computer back…

At 28 weeks we had another ultrasound. This time it was to recheck for placenta previa. After THREE different checks, the doctor has said that everything looks good and it looks like I don’t have it! I wasn’t too worried either way, but nice not to have that on my mind anymore. The appointment itself was as very long one. We had to do our usual check which is always so quick. Eden is still measuring about a week behind, but like my doctor said, “that just means you won’t have a 10 pound baby and personally I don’t think I would want you to have one that size!” Yes doctor, I agree! On top of the regular check up I also had to do the glucose test and get my rhogam shot. My thoughts on the glucose test…its really not that bad. The drink doesn’t taste fabulous, it really just tastes like a Sprite on steroids. However, I will say that while drinking it wasn’t so bad, it definitely gives you a bit of nausea. The worst part of it all was just the one hour wait. My appointment went so quickly that I had to wait the full hour until they could do the blood test. Oh well, came out negative and I am doing fine. The rhogam shot was not nearly as bad as I had originally thought. This shot was because I was RH- and I will have to have another one right after Eden is born. Oh and no this shot doesn’t go in your arm, it goes in your behind (although technically its closer to your hip). The shot itself I actually didn’t feel. You know what actually hurt? The nurse grinding her fist in my hip. Josh said they do that for air pockets or something…all I know is I would rather get 1,000 shots then have that nurses bony hand digging into my hip bone again.

Other than that Eden is continually moving, kicking, sticking her bum out the side of my stomach and all that fun stuff. She is a non-stop mover during the day, and seems to sleep through the night. Yes Eden, you can continue that trend outside the womb, mommy won’t mind. Josh and I are falling more and more in love with this girl and can’t believe how soon she will be here. Since technically while I am writing this I am actually 30 weeks and not 28 like the title says, we only have 10 more weeks to go! 10 weeks…I remember when I was 10 weeks pregnant and thought I was actually showing. I laugh at my silliness. Alright, back soon with the 30 week update!



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