I’m a Big Kid Now

Happy 3rd birthday to our beautiful, sleepy head, hot dog loving, firstborn princess!!
We may have a little bun in the oven, but this little girl will always be the first child in our lives. Hey, she is not just a dog! We have actually been preparing her for the arrival of her little sister and so far she is handling it like a champ. Granted, Eden is not here yet so we will see what she does then. So far we are just letting her explore Eden’s room, and let her sniff every item that comes into the house that’s for baby. The hardest part is teaching her that Eden’s toys are not for her. Poor Bella has had to learn quite quickly how to adjust to her mommy’s ever growing belly. Either way we hope the transition to having a baby around will be easy on all of us, including our little princess. 
(Technically Bella’s birthday was yesterday, but I was unable to get on to post this. Also, we know that we are obsessed with our dog and that it might seem a bit unhealthy, but that’s just how we like it.)

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