33 Weeks

 32 Weeks

When this week hit I started getting anxious. My to-do list (which seems to grow daily) is looming over my head, but not much seems to be getting checked off. However, I am pretty sure I am going into full crazed mommy mode because linen closets are getting organized, baby album is getting put together, clothes are getting organized, kitchen cabinets are getting rearranged, every item that is made of fabric or is even somewhat washable has now seen the inside of the washer….yep, there is a baby on the way for sure! Oh and I am going to admit that I have even packed most of the hospital bag. Yes, I realize that most likely I will have plenty of time to pack while I am in the first stage of labor, but why not have it ready now so I can just focus on getting through the pain? What can I say, I just prefer to be over prepared.

Our doctor’s appointment went quite well today. For our appointments we see our doctor on a rotating basis (she shares her appointments with a nurse practitioner). We LOVE our doctor and love the weeks that we get to see her. Thankfully today was a doctor day so we were thrilled. Anyway I got a “perfect” for weight gain (even though I must admit that I gained FOUR pounds in two weeks…better cut back on the junk food). Eden’s little heart was beating away just as strong as ever which makes us feel so great every time. I am still measuring behind, but our doctor put our minds at rest and said she is 100% confident that all is well and is happy with it. I am definitely getting contractions whenever I am walking or on my feet for too long, but thankfully they are just practice for the real thing.

One amazing feat that we accomplished last week was passing our childbirth classes! Yes, our instructor actually thinks we will be good parents. Scary I know. I would have pictures except they asked that pictures not be taken so just visualize Josh and I with our cap and gown holding a perfectly swaddled fake baby. Four weeks of classes which were three hours long was quite daunting, but definitely worth the few rear end aches that we received from all the sitting.

Well, time to wrap up another week. We are getting closer and closer to the date where she is safe to come (and we are so okay with her coming before the 40 week mark…hear that little girl?!).


2 thoughts on “33 Weeks

  1. Congrats on finishing those classes! You are so close, I'm super excited for you! Don't worry too much about the "to do" list tho, there will still be time to do things once baby arrives. I know the feeling tho, it feels so much better going into something so crazy new with everything done! and I had to laugh about the washing everything 🙂 I think I posted the same thing at this many weeks about myself!

  2. You look great Mallory! …and also I LOVE the name Eden! Glad we aren't having a girl because I would maybe have to fight you for it! 🙂 hee hee. Hope you are feeling well. You are on the home stretch – hang in there!

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