Baby Shower #1

This post has been a long time coming. My first baby shower was July 17. Yes, as in a month ago. I am so disappointed in my blogging lately and I really hope I get back into the groove before little miss Eden makes her debut. Let me tell you, I think it is worth the wait because…well, I will let you make that judgment call after seeing the photos.

My wonderful friend Ruby is the one who planned the event in its entirety. All she asked was for a little inspiration (she knows me so well that she knew I would already have something in mind). What was my inspiration? Lemonade. The fact that the baby shower was being held in July instantly made me think of an outdoor BBQ or picnic complete with glass bottles full of lemonade. Well, she took that inspiration and ran with it. Honestly, I was stunned. Here are a few photos full of eye candy…

The Hostess (and me too of course)

 Oh yeah, I know, she is gorgeous. That and she makes me look like a giant whale. Thanks Ruby, thanks a lot. This reminds me why I should not have beautiful friends…they make me look bad and I cannot be having that. Okay fine, I’ll get over it. Seriously though, my friends really are fabulous.

The Decor

The decor was put together with items that I could use later. I loved this concept! Absolutely nothing went to waste. Ruby purchased items right off of our registries in order to ensure that we could put each item to use. There were some amazing paper flowers that she put together which you will see making another appearance in Eden’s room. It was so fun to be able to see each item be put to use again and not feel like a bunch of decor went to waste. I love this girls thinking!

The Food
These pictures make me hungry. Honestly, the food was a super important aspect of the shower as Ruby created a menu full of food that I could eat. Let me tell you, that can be a very difficult feat. With all of my food allergies it is near impossible to find that many foods that I can have. The absolute only thing I couldn’t eat was one of the sandwiches which she lovingly provided for a friend who can have dairy, but not wheat. To make it even more special she put a list of ingredients for each item on the back of a little card. Fabulous right? 

The Gifts
If you haven’t noticed by these pictures, we are very spoiled. I brought out all the gifts to show Josh when I returned home as you can see in the photo above. The crazy thing is, that isn’t even everything that we received! Some of them were too large to fit in the photo. Oh also, a little tidbit about me. I don’t mind being the center of attention, but when it comes to opening gifts I am more awkward than a squirming fish out of water. Thank you to my dear friend Charissa for making me look half normal in a photo, and for being the official photographer for a good majority of the shower. 
So as you can see baby shower #1 was amazing. I still look back on it and smile. I had so many great friends and family show up. Thank you to everyone who came!
*Sidenote 1- The invitation for this shower was just as stunning. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties I am going to have to post it at another time.
**Sidenote 2 – I have a pregnancy update post and….drum roll please…the nursery reveal post coming soon! Also, you will be seeing baby shower #2 in a future post. 

3 thoughts on “Baby Shower #1

  1. Gorgeous shower! Its fun to see your gifts too, you did a good job with your registry girl 🙂 Just FYI with the motion sensor- we had one with West and it was great except that it occasionally went off for no reason, terrifying us overprotective new parents, as you can imagine! Ours may have just been faulty, but I thought I'd give you a heads up just in case! It is nice to feel better safe than sorry, though.

  2. Thanks Ashley!! Also, thanks for the heads up on the Angelcare monitor. I have heard that they can go off at random times, but since Eden will be in her crib from day one and not in our room we figured we would rather have false alarms than nothing at all. Appreciate the tip! 🙂

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