35 Weeks

34 Weeks
As usual I am late in posting my pregnancy update. I am actually 36 weeks as of today (meaning I am NINE months!!). Next week I will start weekly doctor appointments. I can’t believe how fast 9 months has gone. Seriously, what happened to everyone saying pregnancy goes so slow and that I would be anxious to get it over with? Honestly, I am still really enjoying pregnancy. This fact still surprises me. I did finally get to a point this week where I felt a little more ready to be done. I have had severe upper back pain for the past month which is making work a bit more unbearable. Thankfully I work with a great crew of people who help me through each day…and let me run to the potty every hour…and don’t get mad at me for heating up my rice heating pad in the microwave all day long…and…well you get the idea. Glad they haven’t kicked me out yet! 
The last appointment went just fine and just the same as every week. I had actually been to the doctor the week prior for a blood pressure scare, but all is well! Nothing really to report which is fine with me.
This last week has brought about a lot more braxton hicks contractions and they are getting more intense with each passing day. I hope this means that my body is getting ready for an early delivery. Hey, a girl can dream. 
I came up with a few “you know you are pregnant whens…” and I feel that I should share them.
You know you are pregnant when:
You can happily say you have mastered peeing in a cup
You have visited every potty in a 20 mile radius
You celebrate when the doctor tells you that you are gaining weight
You start walking somewhere and forget where you are going
Oh don’t worry I have plenty more. I come up with them all the time. 
Well, thanks for actually reading my nonsense. Like I said, not much to report, but I am a-okay with that. I can’t wait to post pictures of Eden’s room…Josh and I are so happy with how it turned out! I promise the pictures are coming…

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