37 Weeks

Where did time go?! We are officially full-term! I am still waiting for 9 months to feel like a lifetime, because honestly that went so fast. I am still feeling great and actually think I might miss pregnancy…well, maybe for a split second because I have the feeling once Eden is in my arms I will have forgotten the whole thing. Sometimes I feel a little crazy because I think I’m the first person who isn’t in a hurry to get this little one out. I can’t wait to see her, but I think I am letting fears get in the way. Fear of labor, fear that I won’t be good enough…but at the same time I can’t wait to go through it all. I know God is in control of all of this!

This week’s doctor’s appointment was a little more than I had bargained for. I expected the typical weigh, measure, listen to heartbeat (with a Group B Strep test thrown in for good measure–um, no one told me how unpleasant that would be!) appointment. Well, all those things did happen, but let’s just say I left crying and we all know crying is not something I do very often. I think I am the most unemotional pregnant person in history. Basically, Eden has been measuring small since day one and that has not been a concern. My doctor had mentioned that if she started measuring 2 cm. behind (she has always been consistent at 1 cm.) then there was more of a need for concern. Well, this week she was THREE centimeters behind and that’s all it took for me to have a panic attack. So, an ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday to see why she is not growing. Now I will say I have been doing my homework on this (what paranoid mom wouldn’t?!) and I am feeling a lot better because everything I read said a sudden decrease in size at this stage of pregnancy is normal because the baby has dropped (and trust me…she is boots with the fur LOW). Sorry, I just can’t say low without thinking of that song…no idea who sings it, just gets stuck in my head. My conclusion was that yes, there is cause for concern, but I am not letting it stress me out because I think she is just low and that’s why she is measuring smaller. Either way we will have an update for you next week and maybe even an ultrasound picture!

Alright Eden, it is safe for you to come out. Our bags have been packed for weeks, your carseat is ready for your little behind, your room really wants to meet you…who knows, maybe I’ll go into labor on LABOR day. How funny would that be?!

Thank you all for joining us on this journey…be back with an update unless she decides to show her little face sooner.


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