Eden’s Room: The Reveal

Welcome to the FINAL edition of Eden’s Room! Can you believe we actually finished? I sometimes can’t. It was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but so very worth it. We are IN LOVE with the result. Before I show you around the room, let me start with “Before” photos so you can see what we were working with when we first moved in…


Looking at the pictures of this room just stuns me. Hopefully seeing the after photos will stun you as well…

Some details about the crib corner. The paper lanterns were bought at Ikea and World Market. I chose to leave two plain and DIY the third one to give Eden a little something to catch her eye. All it took was a super cheap flower garland and some white pom poms. The frame next to the crib was actually a print that my mom had given me years ago. I just spray painted the frame and added in my own art which says, “You are my starshine.” Yes, we do realize that it is supposed to be sunshine, but ever since Josh and I were married I have always sang it with starshine. The ‘E’ was a fun find from Anthropologie which we fell in love with.

The shelves were accessorized with items that were either gifted or something that we already had. I had a lot of fun putting it together. Oh and see the top shelf there? Yes, Eden has her very own set of Minnie ears thanks to her grandma.

Here is a close-up of the crib skirt. I made this using some hem tape (really…like I could sew!) and added some velcro so we can take it off to clean it or adjust it as needed. The great thing is we saved a TON of money by doing this. A lot of the crib bedding sets that we had looked at ranged from $160-300. Our total for crib bedding (since we had chosen not to do a crib bumper) was a mere $39. Seriously.

I couldn’t resist a photo of our lovely pendant light shining in all its glory. I am in love with this thing.

Yes, the frames are empty, but not for long. We have plans for the empty frames, but we have to wait for a certain little girl to show up first. Oh and you can only see a tiny little bit of the corner next to the changing table, but it houses the diaper pail and the laundry basket. The basket on top of the changing table holds diapers and the jar next to that has a whole bunch of pacifiers in it (you know, just in case she needs a little something to calm her while getting her diapers changed).

I could not resist a photo of her shoe drawer. I love them. Oh and I added a piece of scrapbook paper into each drawer to add a little extra pizazz…it is just one of those details that I couldn’t resist.

I would rather shop for a baby girl than myself any day…good thing I can now!

A close-up of the closet fabric. Again, I went ahead and made them myself. We decided early on that we wanted to get rid of the doors on the closet since the room is so small and the closet doors were NOT functional. I once again used hem tape and it really wasn’t too difficult at all. Honestly it makes the room feel so much larger.

Well, there is the room! I hope you all like it because we certainly do. Oh and for fun, let me tell you about our inspiration for this room. We came up with the style and colors using our diaper bag, Amy Butler fabric, and a pair of my pj shorts. Honestly, inspiration can come from anywhere! Here is our diaper bag for reference…

Well, that’s all folks! Hope you are all still alive out there after that long post. For some laughs here is an old post that I did before I knew I was pregnant.

If you want to look back at all of the chapters of Eden’s room here they are: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5


8 thoughts on “Eden’s Room: The Reveal

  1. Very cute room Mallory and Josh! I love the flower ball thing that is hanging above her crib. You two did a wonderful job and God has blessed you already so much! Enjoy this time these last few days as Josh and Mallory and know God has a plan for you three now!!! =D Once again very gorgeous!

  2. Oh my goodness I am wowwed. Love it. Love it. love it. Well worth the wait. Certainly spiced up the 1 am feeding spent with a certain little girl of my own! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mallory! I am BLOWN away. This room is fabulous!! When I have a baby, you are my go-to nursery designer. I have to say the dresser/baby changing table is TO DIE FOR. Way to go, girl! I can't wait to meet baby, Eden. 🙂 She's a lucky little pumpkin. ;)xo Samantha

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