Eden’s Room: Budget Breakdown

I’m baaack! Here you were thinking I was done, but the truth is I have one more thing in store. I think many people are worried that designing a room is going to be extremely costly. I am here to say it doesn’t have to cost a lot to have the room of your dreams. Honest. All it takes is a bit of extra sleuthing for perfect deals and some DIY and you have a room that fits your budget. Hang in there and see where all of our money was spent.

When we started out we did a little estimate of what we thought it might cost. Our  goal was to be under $1,000. I will say that we did have some very generous family members who gifted some of the items which gave us a little bit more money to play with in the end (this came in handy when I couldn’t find a super cheap fabric that I actually liked for the closet). All larger gifts will be noted so that you can see what we spent as well as what we would have spent if we had paid for all of the items.

  • WalMart Crib: $300 (gift)
  • Overstock Rocker: $166
  • Sherwin Williams paint (wall, ceiling, primer, trim, and dresser): $50 (used less than half of each gallon, the rest was used in other rooms)
  • Dresser: $25 (dresser $20 on Craigslist, $5 on supplies)
  • Serta Organic Crib Mattress: $200 (gift)
  • Ikea Knappa Pendant Light: $30
  • Gap Organic Crib Sheet: $15
  • Changing pad and cover: $42 (gift)
  • Crib skirt (made by me): $24
  • Closet curtains (made by me): $50
  • JC Penney roman shades (2): $53
  • TJ Maxx ottoman and footstool: $25
  • HomeGoods rug (we bought two and attached them together): $80
  • Paper Lantern Mobiles (Ikea and World Market): $20
  • Target Lampshade: $15
  • World Market pillow: $13
  • Mirror (we took an Ikea frame and had a mirror custom made): $55
  • Ikea frames (various sizes): $11
  • Ikea shelves: $30
  • Ikea baskets: $24
  • Accessories (most were already owned or gifts)
  • White Dresser, bookshelf, lamp, 2 large frames: already owned

      Total (not including gifts): $686     ~     Total (including gifts): $1,228

Even if your budget needs to be even smaller, it is definitely doable! A big way to save is to go to thrift stores and just fix items up with some paint as needed. Any budget can get you a great room. This is Josh and I saying go out and fix up a room that you LOVE on a budget. It can be done and it will make you feel fabulous in the end.

**Thank you so much for all of your super kind feedback on Eden’s room. You make Josh and I feel like superstars and we totally appreciate it! It makes us encouraged to keep on renovating and sharing each step of the process with you. So from the bottom of our itty bitty hearts, thank you!


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