39 Weeks

This is officially the very last time I will be making one of these weekly posts. Yes, that is correct…we are having a baby this week! Actually, we are going in to be induced in just 2 days. It is SO weird to say that. Even weirder is having a date set for when we will be seeing our baby (give or take a day or two). Here is how it happened…

Yesterday we had our 8th ultrasound to check on the amniotic fluid and make sure she was not under any stress. As usual Eden passed the test with flying colors. Despite the fact that she doesn’t have much fluid in there, she sure doesn’t seem to even be affected. The level had actually gone back up to a healthy level from all of the bed rest so Eden is now in a safe place!

We had our doctor’s appointment today (we saw our actual doctor and not the nurse practitioner so we knew this appointment would be a big one). Our doctor was very happy with the results of the ultrasound, yet not so happy with my progress. Still only dilated to ONE STINKING CENTIMETER. Honestly body I am thinking open thoughts and everything…why can’t we progress a little more? The good news is Eden is one hundred percent ready to come out as her head is right where it should be. Now if my body could understand what it is supposed to do.

So, the conclusion was that my doctor felt that now that Eden was for sure healthy and ready to come that it was time to induce. We felt good with this as the ultrasound tech that we saw on Monday said that not only was she doing a ton of practice breathing, he could see calcification of the placenta which according to him means that the lungs have matured. Sounded good enough to us! So, the date is Saturday, September 18 and the time is 6:00 p.m. They will start me on Cervadil to assist my body in making some progress and then sometime super early on Sunday start me on Pitocin to get those contractions really moving. Yes, I am super anxious and crazy nervous about the whole thing, but SO EXCITED at the same time. Next time you hear from me I will hopefully be posting pictures in the hospital of our little Eden Rae. Thank you everyone for joining us on this crazy adventure!


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