1 Month

A week ago today our little baby turned ONE month old. It is amazing how you can be so excited and yet so sad all at the same time with each passing month. I get so excited watching how she grows each day, but then so sad to know that I will never get her newborn days back. Either way we are continually falling more and more in love with this punkin. Yes, Josh corrects me every time I say punkin, and yes I refuse to actually say the world correctly. Oh and I do also find any opportunity to say punkin as well…being annoying is just something I do well.

So, in this past month Eden’s personality has really stayed the same…we just get to see it more because she stays awake longer. This girl truly is half her mom and half her dad when it comes to personality and looks. She certainly is 100% laid back all day long just like her dad, except when it comes to her tummy and diaper. If this girl is hungry, she will make sure to throw out a little yell and put on the pouty face. You do not keep this girl from her food. Seriously, I didn’t know she could inherit this trait from me, but she certainly has. NEVER EVER get in my way when I am hungry. Point made. Also, Eden has started to notice when her diaper is dirty and apparently wants absolutely nothing to do with it. Again, another trait that I really didn’t know she could inherit so quickly, but she, just like her mommy, could do without the dirt. Do you think this means she will love to clean just as much as me? I may just have to start training her at a young age.

4 Week Stats

Length: 20 inches (from what I can tell)
Weight: 6 lbs. 13 oz.
*Actual measurements were taken at 3.5 weeks

This girl is growing! She finally grew out of her preemie clothes and is now successfully filling out her newborn outfits. This is good because they make MUCH cuter things in newborn sizes. Although really I am excited for her to fit in the 0-3 month outfits because that is when she can start wearing her Old Navy and Baby Gap outfits and I am sucker for those.

Just as last time I will also document what she is up to at 1 month.

You are very observant and love to look at everything
You discovered your toes today
You are so loud when you are “filling your diaper” that mommy has to take you out of church
You ALWAYS wake up the second Pastor Tim starts talking on Sunday mornings
You think all your mom is good for is supplying food (this may actually be true)
You went through 84 diapers in 6 days (this is why we will be cloth diapering soon)
You have been enjoying tummy time on your playmat
You are patient with mommy during her obsessive photoshoots
You LOVE your afternoon walks around the neighborhood
You sleep through every car ride
You impress your parents with the distance you can spit up
You absolutely love to snuggle

There are so many little things about Eden that I could include here, but that would just bore you…and maybe you are bored already, but I just don’t care šŸ™‚

So as not to disappoint all of you beautiful people, I will leave you with some photos from our last mini photo shoot. Poor girl has to learn to have my camera in her fact half the day.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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