It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Warning: This post may or may not use the word punkin one too many times.

One thing Josh and I love to do in the fall is visit punkin patches. It is just so fun to munch on apple cider donuts and meander through the long lines of punkins in the fields. Last year we visited one particular pumpkin patch and started to realize that we needed a baby in order to continue our tradition of visiting these marvelous places. We really were the awkward adults wandering through all of the kiddie activities. I am sure more than a few thought we may be creepers…I mean we do kind of have that look. Well, this year we were in luck because we had acquired a baby of our very own! When I say acquire it almost sounds like we may have stolen her, but as you can see by all my pregnancy posts she is in fact our baby. Now that we have settled that bit of nonsense, I will start inserting some pictures because I have just made this post beyond strange.

Yep, that’s our little girl posing as an apple at our favorite punkin patch, Bauman Farms. We may or may not have received multiple dirty looks for forcing our one month old to pose in a cutout and yet that did not deter us from doing another one…

I think she has quite the old man face in this photo. Makes me laugh. Actually we laugh a lot at this girls expense, she just does the funniest things. I will also admit to videotaping her often just so we can make fun of her later on in life as well. I am a mean mom, but she loves me anyway.

One thing I had realized was the only real picture we had taken of me and her was when I was sitting in the hospital bed (granted Josh has like 5 million photos with her). That was absolutely not acceptable. So, we took this opportunity to do a mini photo shoot in the garden area of the farm.

Take a moment to enjoy this pretty flower while I take a quick blogging break to feed the hungry bird (aka Eden).

Alright, thank you for your patience. Now, even though he has 5 million pictures, I did take one photo of Josh with Eden that makes my heart melt. I really do love the two of them…

So after our photo shoot in the garden and a very reluctant trip to a port-a-potty (seriously people, I’ll pay you to have a REAL bathroom!) we then headed to the punkin patch to pick some pretty punkins….oh and torture Eden Rae with some more bizarre photos.

No, that is not Eden, those are what I so nicely named “punkin butts.” Actually I ran around shouting, “It’s a butt!” much like they do in Finding Nemo. Okay, nevermind, maybe its just me who understands childish humor. Anyway, I wanted to bring one home, but I think Josh feared the worst because I couldn’t tear myself away from these strange creatures so I left them there. I just kept taking photos of them…they are mesmerizing. Okay, here are some pictures from Eden’s punkin photo shoot. 

As you can tell she REALLY loved being forced to sit on top of a punkin while mommy snapped her picture. One day she will despise me for this, but for now she has forgotten it even happened and loves me just the same.

After our fun in the punkin patch we picked up a few punkins and then decided it was time to head home. Okay technically it was a mutual decision because we were tired, but truthfully the farm was closing as well (hint: do not attempt to leave at closing time on a Saturday night…leaving the parking lot took an hour…just don’t do it).

Well, that was our big punkin patch excursion. We had tons of fun and I kind of want to go again. I can never have enough punkin time. Thankfully we will be carving punkins tonight with some lovely friends so I think that should keep me happy for awhile. Hope you all get to have a chance to visit a punkin patch before the season is over, it is well worth your time!


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