New Job!

I’ve got a new job. There, it’s official. Most of my friends know what Josh and I do for a living and while we are open about Josh’s job on this blog, we choose to keep my job on the dl (down low for those not in the know). Yeah I am so “cool” I use words that teenagers use. Poor Eden, I can already see her saying, “oh mom!” every time I even open up my mouth. I don’t like to think that one day she will look at me like I am a psycopath. I choose to believe she is going to love me forever! Don’t even say it…

Anyway, back to my job. I still don’t feel comfortable talking about my job on here for safety reasons since I am still employed there through January, but I still wanted to announce my new position. As of a week ago, these two became my new bosses…

Aren’t they the greatest looking bosses out there (with all due respect to my current manager…you are beautiful too!). Confused yet? Let me explain. See, since I can remember I have desired to be a stay at home mom. In fact it was definitely something Josh and I talked about before we were married because he had also hoped that once we chose to have children that I would get to be with them. Well, once it came down to it, the idea of me staying home just seemed like less of a possiblity. It seemed like such a feasible idea when we were first married, but that was before I had to support us both while Josh did real estate schooling and then started his first years as an agent. Although we both feel like Josh has grown as an agent by leaps and bounds, knowing that we would be living off of commission only was quite a frightening idea. Not only that, but my job has quite generous health benefits so we truly have had an easier life over the past couple of years. Okay, okay I am going off on a rabbit trail with no end in sight. Let me just come right out and say it, I am going to be a stay at home working mom! Not only do I get to hang out with Eden all day, but I will also get to work to help support our family. Now let me explain the working part of my new job.

We thought and prayed long and hard and realized that with a few sacrifices and some serious trust in God, I would be able to become Josh’s assistant. The fact is, I go to work doing all of the things that I could be doing for him. I have worked as an assistant and absolutely love it. For me, its the chance to sit and organize all day which excites me to no end (I am really that easy to please). Josh was spending so much time getting himself organized, and doing a lot of secretarial duties that he didn’t have as much time for his clients as well as time for family. Now, I get to do all of the administrative duties while he is out doing what he does best…selling houses. I actually started assisting him last week and so far it is going well. Yes, we do realize that we are going to be seeing a lot of each other now that I am working for him, but honestly we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have had lots of talks about working together and how we can do it with as little conflict as possible and I truly think it is going to be fun. I will say working from home is not any easier than going out to work in the real world…it is just as busy or busier! Last week I caught myself saying, “Wow. We really need to hire a part-time babysitter!” It is amazing how much work taking care of a baby, a house, and working for Josh really is and yet I still wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well, this was a long winded way to say…we are taking a giant leap of faith here and although I had a hard time letting go of that steady paycheck, I know it is what God wanted us to do. We are growing and bonding as a family and it is fun to be able to be involved in Josh’s work. I am sure we will update as time passes to let you know how it is going. I will definitely be taking a break from being Josh’s assistant when I return to work on December 1. Either way, I am excited to see what else God has in store for our family!

Oh and I have been keeping one bit of decor in our house a secret since we didn’t know if I would truly be able to work from home until just recently. Look at my “new” desk (I have actually had it since June).

Well, thanks for to those of you who actually stuck around through this entire post! I know its a long one, but I had a lot to say (don’t I always). Now off to tend to a baby, clean the house, and add some stuff to Josh’s calendar….

3 thoughts on “New Job!

  1. I am so excited for you!! That is fantastic! I am so glad that you guys are trusting God and that you guys are excited to be working together in this area as well!! 🙂

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