2 Months

It is so crazy to type 2 months as my title. I knew Eden would grow up, but no matter how many people warned me how fast it goes…I still wasn’t prepared. She is changing so much and is really growing up. We have been having so much fun with her and it is going to be rather difficult to leave her when I start back at work for 6 weeks. We are still feeling so blessed to have me stay at home with her once that time is over though. Our family is definitely making some changes to make that happen and I am sure I will touch on those one of these days. For now, I just want to focus on my baby girl!

9 Week Stats

Length: 22 inches ~ 35th percentile
Weight: 9 lbs. 6.5 oz ~ 15th percentile
Head: 38 cm. ~ 32nd percentile

We were SHOCKED by how much weight she had gained. I think Josh and I both had grown used to hearing that she wasn’t gaining enough weight. Every time we saw the pediatrician (which was basically every other day the first couple of weeks) I just felt more like I was failing as a mom since it seemed that they were saying that I couldn’t provide my child the nutrition she needed. I know that is not what was said, but I have grown even more sensitive as a new mom. I hear it happens to the best of us. Anyway, we moved Eden out of newborn diapers and into size 1 and I had to carry her newborn clothes to storage and brought out her 0-3 month clothing. I was in mourning for an hour because I no longer had a newborn…but I got over it quick because 2 month olds are just as fun!

Eden, here is what you have been up to lately:

You hold your head up so well
You love to push up on your legs and stand (with our assistance of course)
You always like to sit up because you love to be involved in everything
You are one happy baby
You smile when mommy comes to pick you up from your crib
You have always been a good sleeper, but decided you didn’t want to sleep through the night anymore
You LOVE your sister even when she licks your face too much
You think its fun to hit the bird rattle on your play mat
You still wake up every time Pastor Tim goes up to speak at church
You are quite a talker and have endless conversations with anyone who will listen
You instantly clam up whenever mommy tries to take a picture of your smile

Here are some photos that the mamarazzi (that’s me) took over the last few weeks:

Sleeping on Grandma Crain


Sleeping on daddy’s side of the bed
Spending time with Isla and Kylie
Celebrating mommy’s 26th birthday
Modeling for mommy and her new present – a 50mm lens
Hi dad!
Loving my outfit from Tina

Well, thanks for joining us to celebrate Eden’s 2 month birthday! Tomorrow I will continue with Part 2 of the birth story…please don’t be a hater because I left you hanging. I enjoy suspense. Get used to it ya hear?


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