Pour Me Some Sugar

Pantone announced the 2011 color of the year…HONEYSUCKLE! Now admitedly I am not a lover of pink (although I don’t mind it in small doses), however I can see this color working…and not just to aid indigestion (pepto anyone?). It is such a vibrant and happy color, definitely something I will be in the mood for come springtime.

When it comes to using honeysuckle in home decor, I don’t think I could possibly get myself to use such a vibrant pink on my walls. Although, I am up for the challenge of making it look good and not too girly if anyone wants to push me to do so. I actually think if I had a giant closet with rows and rows of beautiful items that maybe, just maybe I would paint the walls honeysuckle. No guarantees though. When Josh reads this, he might pass out…he knows my feelings on pink.

So, while I am going to mourn the end of the 2010 color of the year, TURQUOISE (I have a love affair with that color), I am excited to challenge myself to inject some honeysuckle into our home and maybe even my wardrobe. As long as I say honeysuckle, I think I can stomach the idea.

Well, for those of you who love pink, today should be your happy day!

Also, I am in the midst of writing another post, but had to stop myself to break the news of the color of the year. Can’t guarantee that the next post is worth reading, but had to share that I really am trying to break back into the blogworld after a short hiatus. So, until then, HAPPY THURSDAY!

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