Stylish Pearls

In my hurry to put my post up last night I forgot one of the most stylish bloggers of all in my list. I cannot believe I did not include this blog, although in my defense I was so tired that I could hardly even stand. So, please check out my amazingly talented friend Megan, and her blog, Red Pearl Designs. Seriously people, she dresses well, knows how to decorate her cute house, and is such a talented graphic designer. In fact, she designed our baby announcements and let me tell you, they are fantastic! I promise to share them once I actually get them all sent out. Oh the evils of working full time and trying to get ready for the holidays and trying to complete my giant list of to do’s. Sigh. 

Alright, well, enjoy the eye candy on Megan’s blog and have a great Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Stylish Pearls

  1. Mallory, I just got a MASSIVE smile on my face after reading this post. You seriously warmed my heart here, and I appreciate this more than you know. It was actually quite easy to design your baby announcements when you have the most adorable little girl EVER as my photograph to work from =) Thanks for including me in your Stylish Pearls! You're the sweetest!

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