Thanksgiving Twenty Ten

Christmas is only three days away and I am just now posting about Thanksgiving. Yep, I have completely fallen behind. Maybe I should have titled this post, “Better Late Than Never.”

There will be few words to this post…just some pictures of what happened over the five days that we spent in Washington with Josh’s family. I hope you enjoy this opportunity to not hear me speak for a few minutes…it is rather rare.

See the gorgeous girl there on the left? That’s Erin. She was Eden’s first babysitter. Thankfully she was very patient with me as I detailed our baby’s entire life history before leaving her to care for my precious girl.

All the ladies (minus my mother-in-law…Cherri where are you?!) 
From left to right: Danae, Peyton, Great Great Grandma Braley, Great Grandma “Gigi”, Eden, and me

Josh’s cousin, Alyssa, picked out matching outfits for all of the little cousins to wear. I was loving them! Okay, it might have something to do with the fact that they are my favorite colors, but just look at the cuteness. Oh and did you notice how funny the photos are? I could fill an entire post with outtakes. Honestly, getting two toddlers and two babies to be happy all at once is a far more difficult task than I think we realized. Lesson learned. 

Well, I would love to spend more time posting photos and discussing the five fun filled days in Washington, but this lady needs some sleep. That seems to be a reoccuring theme these days, and yet I never do anything about it. Good thing I have a jam packed four day weekend where sleep will be nonexistent (dripping with sarcasm).


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