Traditionally Untraditional

I thought I would squeeze in a bit about Christmas before the end of the year…yeah, I’m cutting it just a bit close. This post is going to be all about the photos. I always gravitate towards the illustrations in books, so why should the blog be any different? Besides, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.
Since this was Eden’s first Christmas, we wanted to start to implement some traditions that we can carry on throughout her life. We knew she wouldn’t remember this Christmas, but we both agreed that it was important to start them right away and it is definitely fun to have photos to document the traditions. So, here is how we spent Eden’s first Christmas.
Eden made her first DIY ornament
We decorated the tree

Our stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Our first annual house lighting
Went to work parties
Visited Santa @ Gatti Law Office (best Santa in Salem, hands down.)
 *The outfit she is wearing is the same one I wore my first Christmas*
 Eden with Lola and Grandpa Phillips

Ate Quiche for Christmas Eve breakfast
(Eden’s first time in a highchair – she loved it!)
We celebrated Jesus @ Morningstar’s Christmas Eve Service with my parents and grandma
We ate clam chowder for Christmas Eve dinner
We watched Polar Express and drank hot chocolate
Sat by the fire and read The Night Before Christmas and Luke 2
Before bedtime we set out gingerbread cookies and milk water for Santa
On Christmas morning we opened stockings
Ripped open presents
Ate Christmas breakfast with the Phillips’ side at grandma’s house
Christmas dinner and presents at my parents
Eden’s Blabla doll she got for Christmas from Lola and grandpa (doll’s name happens to be Lola the Rocker)
Celebrated aunt Stephanie’s birthday
And said goodnight to Lola and Grandpa
This really was the best Christmas EVER. We had so much fun getting to celebrate with our little girl. I can only imagine how much fun next Christmas will be as she becomes more aware of what is going on. 
Come back soon for our recap on 2010. We can’t believe just how busy our past year was…

2 thoughts on “Traditionally Untraditional

  1. I love all of the pictures in this post – they are perfectly staged – did you do that on purpose??? : ) Love the updates, keep them coming!

  2. Well, there may have been a bit of staging…you know, just to satisfy my perfectionist ways, but some of them were quite randomly done. Seriously. Proud of you on your last blog post by the way :)xo,Mal

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