Fire Free Smores

Every Christmas, our small group has a white elephant gift exchange. We are also asked to bring food or desserts. This year I knew exactly what I was going to bring and I am so happy that I did. Now, I know the photo above kind of looks like a big blob of you know what, but I promise it is actually quite delicious. I mean like, ooey, gooey, chocolately deliciousness. Okay, all of my smarty pants friends are hating me right now for my use of words that are not technically in the dictionary, but thankfully I think they may still love me after this. Or not.

Now, I cannot take credit for this dessert at all, other than the fact that I made it and then ate it. The original recipe was found here. Yes, I am in love. I do not get a whole lot of chocolate in my life now that I am living dairy free, BUT this was chocolate, and had no dairy, and was made with items that can be found right at your regular grocery store. I am just too cheap to frequent specialty stores that actually carry foods that I could eat. I am much too simple for that. I followed the recipe almost exactly except that I used Ghiradelli’s semi-sweet chocolate chips, and Nucoa margerine (both found at WalMart). Also, I suggest not wandering off to go play with your baby before mixing the chocolate with the rest of the ingredients. The items just don’t melt well together when the chocolate has cooled off, just saying.

Seriously though, even if you are not allergic to dairy, this is a fabulous dessert. Is it evil that I am posting this on the third day of January, right after everyone has chosen to eat healthy, exercise, etc? Oh, don’t worry, you will thank me later. Now, go buy yourself some Golden Grahams, pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, and start on these right away.


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