Baby on the Brain

Since there seems to be a giant wave of pregnant woman, most of them having girls, I thought it fitting to design a nursery for a boy. Oh drats, I got that mixed up, I should have given some inspiration to all the mommy’s needing GIRL nurseries. Well, sorry, I was in the mood for all things boy…especially seeing that I am in a girl’s nursery each and every day.
So, please take a gander at my navy and citron nautical outdoor inspired nursery. Can you tell I just cannot do themes? I think God put something in me that keeps me from even being able to stick to a theme for more than 2 items. Seriously, I have design ADD.
Color: Sherwin Williams Navy SW6531
Crib: Ikea 
Lamp: Ikea
Rug: Dash and Albert
Light: Ikea
Cabinet: Ikea
Rocker: (the same one that we used for E’s nursery)
Coat hanger: DIY (this would be so fun and I think easy to make)
Porthole Mirror: $21
Chevron fabric for crib skirt: 
Wood planter: Ikea
Aluminum boxes: Ikea
Alphabet Wall: DIY, or would use this alphabet subway art
*Click on the link below the mood board to see the items and the prices
When I started this nursery, I knew I wanted navy. Yeah, NAVY walls. Daring? Yes. Totally the most rocking color ever? ABSOLUTELY. I honestly thought that with the navy I would choose orange as an accent color. It just so happens to be Josh’s favorite color and the color we would have used instead of yellow and pink if Eden were a boy. Well, just as inspiration goes, I was suddenly hit hard by the urge to use citron with the navy. I literally fainted at the absolute fabulousness of that color combo. Okay, well I didn’t literally faint, but I thought about it.
Despite this being a “dream” nursery (since there are no signs of bambinos anytime in the near future) I still tried to keep it to a budget, just as I would if I were designing it for a real live baby. This meant shopping where regular people shop, and not choosing furniture that cost as much as my house. Oh, and as usual I chose to shop “outside the box” by choosing items that were not necessarily in the baby section of the store. What can I say, I like to walk on the wild side…
What do you think? Would you be ready to be daring and have navy on the walls? Oh and for my two friends that are actually having boys, here’s to you! 

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