The Crainanator

No, the title isn’t indicative of a new robotic superhero or a  name from one of Josh’s characters on his various computer games…surprisingly, it is a sandwich.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you?

This sandwich started off with our love for avocado. Honestly, we could eat it each and every day and still want more. It is GOOD stuff. Well, Josh started out by putting together turkey sandwiches and adding in different combos which he then titled, “the Crainanator.” Not wanting to be outdone, I had to come up with an ever better, yummier version of Josh’s sandwich. It became my obsession. I was inspired by a sandwich I had at the Nordstrom Cafe one weekend while shopping with my mom and Eden. It was D to the LICIOUS. I figured, if they can make it, then why can’t I?! Oh I don’t know, maybe because I am not a chef in the slightest and they actually have knowledge in the area. However, once again, I refused to be outdone. 

So, what makes this sandwich so superb? Well, I believe it is the combination of the best ingredients ever along with a slathering of my special “spicy mayo.” Oh and if you have ever been around me when I am cooking, you will know that I a) NEVER measure ingredients…with the exception of baking, sometimes and b) NEVER make something the same way twice. I like to think of my food as snowflakes, no two dishes are exactly alike. Plus, I like to let myself feel the ingredients out until I am inspired. I may be odd, but the good news is you don’t have to live with me (sorry Josh, you do have to live with me). 

The “typical” ingredients:
whole wheat bread
romaine lettuce
turkey bacon (Safeway’s Eating Right brand is da bomb dot com)
tomato (I am a snob and only eat the “on the vine” variety)
deli turkey (it won’t taste good unless it’s natural turkey…because I said so)
spicy mayo (read: mayo with a couple of dashes of cayenne pepper)
a dollop of Grey Poupon (with or without the men in limos)
swiss cheese (if you are into that kind of thing)

If you are detail oriented, which I am not, you will notice that not all ingredients are in this photo. That is because I have a baby, she started to cry, I snapped a photo before I had finished compiling ingredients, decided that you would get over it. 

Alright, so this is how I put it all together. I get out a flat pan and heat up the bacon just like usual. While the bacon is frying away I get all my ingredients together. If you are using cheese, please place a slice on one piece of the bread and add some turkey. As soon as the bacon is ready to go, set it to the side. Then, put a bit of olive oil on the pan (I usually use a pastry brush to smear it around) and lay the slices of bread on the hot pan.  I let them toast up until they are golden brown. Once they are done slather on the spicy mayo and Grey Poupon (yes, my brother and I used to call it POOP ON because we are funny like that),  lay the bacon on top of the turkey (I usually use one piece and just cut it in half), add the lettuce, avocado, and tomato, and then smash the other piece of bread on top. Cut in half to make it pretty. 

Now, take a big giant bite and then thank me for eating a sandwich that is just about what I think Heaven would taste like, if you could eat it. 

Just a note, you can just slice the avocado, but Josh and I prefer to slightly mash it guacamole style and add some cumin, garlic powder, lemon and lime juice, and a dash of salt and pepper. We find it easier to eat that way (I tend to have slices of avocado falling out the backend (haha) of my sandwich if I do not do it this way. Also, you can use regular bacon instead of the turkey bacon, but we like to think of this sandwich as a healthy alternative so using turkey bacon makes it seem a bit more justifiable. Don’t judge. 

So, enjoy your tasty (and SHHHHH healthy) Crainanator!


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