CSN Giveaway Winner

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway! It was fun hosting our very first one, and we hope we can continue doing them every once in awhile. The giveaway gave us the opportunity to hear from some of you that were reading that we hadn’t had a chance to “meet” yet. So, welcome! It is fun to know who all is out there reading. 

Alright, I know you didn’t all come here to just read my random mutterings, so I will just get right to the point.

The lucky winner of a $35 gift certificate to CSNStores according to random.org is….


Congratulations Liz! I will be contacting you shortly with your prize. Happy shopping to you 🙂

If you didn’t win, I am sad for you. However, I still think you should take a little gander at what they have to offer over at CSN. You may just find the perfect item to add to your home. Seriously, if I wasn’t still on a spending freeze I would be glued to my computer buying things for every room of our home. That is, when I win the lottery….and that would only happen if I actually played. Darn. 

We will be back later with a little Valentine’s day love!


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