5 Months

We are ALMOST to Eden’s half birthday. Don’t worry, I realize her first birthday is coming up so quickly so I already planned it. Done and done. This past month has been really fun with Eden. She grew up right before our eyes. She is like an adult now. Okay, not quite, but she doesn’t seem much like a baby anymore. This girl has grown so active and she even shows her frustration when she can’t just get up and move. Eden is so much fun and we love being around her 24/7. 
5 Month Stats
Length: 25 inches (mommy’s usually inaccurate guesstimate)
Weight: 12 lbs 13 oz. (so I am really guessing on this one)

Eden Rae, here is what you have been up to lately:

You love to blow raspberries and you always sound like an elephant
You pull your binky out of your mouth and put it back in all the time
You roll back and forth from your tummy and back
You had to go back to being swaddled because you were not getting any sleep
You are napping sometimes, but not consistently
You learned how to fake cough a couple of days ago and now do it all the time to get attention
You do the “sniffle face” where you scrunch up your nose and sniff really hard constantly
You love holding people’s faces with your hands
You sat up on your own (with a little assistance from Mr. Boppy) TODAY
You LOVE to talk. You babble pretty much all day long. I think you will beat mommy at talking contests.
You figured out how to scream and we are pretty sure the neighbor’s are worried about you
You now notice when mommy is not in the room, but still don’t mind going to other people
You open your mouth wide for kisses and have been known to lick faces a time or two
You crack up every time we change your diaper…apparently being dirty is hilarious.
You got to try a small bite of banana the other day and found it to be very strange

It is so much fun having a 5 month old. Actually it is just plain fun having a baby in general. Each day we can’t wait to see what new skill she has learned. In fact, we find it fascinating to watch her little brain work and she figures out how everything works around her. She is starting to learn how to grab at her big sister and well, big sister is kind of a grump about it. Granted, Bella LOVES spending time in Eden’s crib, or laying on her blanket, or giving her kisses. I think these two girls will enjoy each other a lot as they grow up. 


Uncle Brett

Aunt Stephanie
*Sidenote: Aren’t my little brother and sister-in-law the most beautiful couple ever? Not only are they adorable, but they are also quite funny and sweet and Eden thinks they are the greatest people ever. My brothers elephant and duck sounds get her every time.

Oh and for those that don’t believe me when I say that she does in fact cry…here is proof….

Eden, we think you are the bee’s knees and are so glad you are part of our lives. Seriously, things were kind of boring without you around. We love that you are an exact match for both daddy and I. You are extremely dramatic when you wake up just like your dad (seriously he is ridiculous!). You are a big time talker (umm…I think that one is like me). My favorite thing is that you love to capture everyone’s attention and if you think you are not getting enough attention then you make sure to let everyone know. Okay, that one is a combo of Josh and I because we both think we need to be the center of attention…

Happy 5 month birthday baby girl! 



4 thoughts on “5 Months

  1. You figured out how to scream and we are pretty sure the neighbor's are worried about you- LOL I LOVE IT!!! Little girls seem to prefer expressing emotions- happy, sad, or angry- in a series of high pitched shrieks!!! I, personally, am surprised my neighbors haven't called childrens' services yet! About twice a day I come running, thinking she must be dying, only to find her happily playing with brother! Oh dear…

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