Paint On The Ground

Upon typing the title of this post I instantly had a flashback to the smash hit of “Pants on the Ground” from American Idol. I don’t even watch the show (shame on me!), but I couldn’t miss the overnight success of one American Idol contestant. Okay, maybe it was just me that thought of that song just from the title.

In thinking of yesterday’s post I realized not all of you have hardwoods floors living under your carpet or maybe you love carpet, but your carpet  is looking a bit…umm…icky. Well, if that is the case then this post is for you! I didn’t want to leave everyone else out after my wood floor post yesterday.

Alright, so for those of you that are sitting there thinking, “gee, I want to have easy to clean floors, but don’t have the money to buy new flooring,” this is for you.
Painted sub-floors.
Yes, you heard me right. Rip up that carpet like it’s nobody’s business and paint away. Seriously, if we didn’t have continuous hardwoods floors throughout I would totally be doing this. I am kind of thinking our nasty bathroom linoleum or our dump basement might be getting a paint treatment soon.

Is that not the most fantastic idea ever? I have always dreamed of having white washed wood floors like the image above. My mind is already painting (pun not intended) pictures of white floors with white walls. I love a nice refreshing palate. I think a nice dose of white is just what every creative soul needs.

My favorite painted sub-floor has to be Ashley Ann’s at  Under the Sycamore. She is full of awesomeness that blows my mind.

Oh the deliciousness of flooring. 


3 thoughts on “Paint On The Ground

  1. I totally thought of that song too as soon as I read that title! I love Ashley Ann and read her blog faithfully too! I wish I had her guts when it comes to self expression, and her kids are too cute!

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